Who are you?
I’m Holly Whitfield, and I’ve lived in Memphis for ten years as of August 2015. I moved here to go to The University of Memphis and stayed. Before I came to I Love Memphis, I had gigs as a magazine editor, freelance writer, and graphic designer.

Why do you love Memphis?
I’ve watched Memphis take many steps forward (some big, some small) during my time here, and it’s inspiring to see that continue every day. There are loads of creative people here doing all kinds of great things, whether it’s art, entrepreneurship, nonprofit work, food, sports, music, science…I could go on. Because we’re a mid-sized city, I think it’s easier to be an influencial part of a community.

What's your real job?
This is my real job. I run this blog and all social media accounts associated with it full-time as an employee of the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you're getting paid to love Memphis, how can I know that your love is for real?
I think the stories I write and the things I spend my time doing for the blog are evidence of my affection for the city I call home. I make the decision on what to post, and my work is not reviewed by my employer before I post it.

Where’s Kerry?
Her answer in her own words.

How many people write and take photos for I Love Memphis?
I create and write most of the content for the blog. However, I try to talk to and collaborate with as many folks as I can when coming up with story ideas, and I sometimes have guest bloggers or photographers.

I’d like to write a guest post for the blog. How can that happen?
If you have something positive, helpful, or interesting (it has to have a strong, direct connection to Memphis) to share, pitch me a story idea here.

I’d like to tell you about something cool in town/my band/my event/my product. What types of things are you looking for?
I’m looking for things that are uniquely Memphis, things that I find interesting, things that the readership would want to know about, and things that are current. 

I commented on a post, but it didn't show up. What happened?
It may take a few minutes for comments to appear, so just hang tight. Please note that I Love Memphis does have a comment policy, which is that anything remotely racist, sexist, hateful, offensive, or obscene will be deleted. 

How can I get in touch with you?
Email is best. Reach me at hollywhitfield@memphistravel.com or regular mail at 47 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38104