Name a Puppy, Win Tickets to Bark After Dark This Friday

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Usually, the bike trails at Shelby Farms are closed after sundown, but for the cost of an entry ticket you can take a lit-up night ride this Friday and big afterparty to benefit the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. Keep reading to find out how to win the tickets.

In order to particpate, you'll need at $50 ticket, which – depending on your going-out budget – might seem a little pricey. But let's think about it. For $50, you can ride around Shelby Farms at night (not usually allowed), you can get into the Glow Bash after your ride where all the beer, barbecue, and music is included, and you've made a sizeable donation to the Humane Society. If you're not into biking, you can also just buy a ticket to get into the Glow Bash party for $25.

Sorry to go all Sarah McLachlan on ya, but here's the type of cutie you can help by supporting the Humane Society. P
hoto credit Phillip Van Zandt.

Another beneficiary of your support of the Bark After Dark event. Sweet little Tildy. (I know, I know; I'm sorry!) Photo credit Phillip Van Zandt. 

If you're strapped for cash, but still want to participate, I do have a pair of tickets for the ride and party. 

How to win:
1. Come up with a name(s) for a cat and/or dog for the Humane Society – try to come up with a cute, clever, or just plain awesome name that hasn't been used. You can see past names on the Humane Society Instagram account or 
website adoptables gallery here.
2. Leave a comment on this post with your suggested pet name (or names – multiple entries in the same comment or separate comments are encouraged!) 
3. I'll pick my favorite at 10 a.m. tomorrow, and that person will win 2 tickets to the ride and bash (worth $50 each).
4. If you win, you have to encourage all your friends to go with you.

The Humane Society prepares hundreds of dogs for adoption, and as someone from there said: "We go through a LOT of names…and that’s how we end up with puppies named Mushy Monster."

So come up with something fun, comment here, and you could win tickets. 

Go there:

Bark After Dark Bike Ride & Glow Bash
Shelby Farms
Friday, May 23 

8 p.m.
Register at


  • Bast would be great for one of the cats, she's the Egyptian cat goddess! Eos for a dog with a sunny disposition, she's the goddess of dawn. And Epona for an extra large dog, the celtic goddess's name originates from a word that means great mare! haha

  • Some suggestions: Loki. Lila. Aspen. Wilbur. Sergeant Pepper.

  • iAmBaronVonTito

    Females: Marsha, Sprankles, Basha, Kat

    Males: Falcor, Snoop, Nelson, He, Gus, The Governor

    Unisex: Zoom, Radar, Slate, Getty, Radley, Mud

  • Scarlett Hester

    If a litter of puppies are brought in, you could do a Game of Thrones theme, Grey Wind, Summer, Nymeria, Lady, Ghost, and Shaggy Dog, after the Stark's direwolves. 

    Or, a Memphis theme, Z-Bo, Boscoe, Corky, Gracie (Graceland), Sunny (Sun Studio), and King (Elvis or MLK, Jr.)

  • I have a theme:  Memphis, Griz, Tiger, Tennessee, Elvis, Jerry Lee, Otis, Stax, Royal, Cash, Shaq, Al, and Grace (land).

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Akira- a Japanese male name meaning Bright Boy

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Zaakir – Muslim, meaning grateful, remembering

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry


  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Tahlia – means lamb or lambkin

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Tahlia – means dew of heaven

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Taro – Japanese for Big boy

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Tatum – means brings joy

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Tau – African / Egyptian for lion

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Tedra – Greek for supreme gift

  • Lily (Elizabeth) Curry

    Lanassa- Russian for cheerful

  • For pup – Ouchiewawa – from my four year old. 

  • Christa Smith

    Mr. President, Mellie, Pope (as in Olivia), Cy or Beene, Fitz, Huck, Command…..I love Scandal!!  

  • I guess it depends on size and color, but here are some:

    Male Animal- Casper (definitely for solid white with blue eyes :), Bailey, Tucker, Duke, Mac(arthur), Henry, Jasper, Zeus

    Female Animal- Madison, Greta, Calliope, Amber, Sadie, Heidi, Abbie

  • Tiffany Sherfield

    Pistachio, Jiminy Cricket, bumblebee, Shakespeare, Lilo, Mr. Bigglesworth,


  • Tiffany Sherfield

    One more: Bijuu- Japanese for tailed beast!

  • Delta, Scotch, Noodle, Gilligan

  • Freakzilla 

  • Valkyrie
    a beautiful maiden who bring the souls of slain warriors!!'


  • How about "glow in the dark" 😀

  • Master Splinter, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello. :)

  • John Blaker

    Here are a couple of “real” names from a dog & cat we used to have.

    Hobo was the name of a cat we found.

    Mullet was the name of a dog found on the road side. My aunt named the dog after “a dumb fish”.

    If I had two new dogs, I would name them Jagger & Richards after the Stones.

  • Meb in honor of the American who won the boston marathon this year – especially for a dog who loves to run (all of them haha)


  • Ping pong or Bonkers – for the bouncing off the wall types! haha I can think of a certain dog fitting that :) (mine)

  • Hoover – like the vacuum! for a dog that eats everything

    Romeow and Juliecat – star crossed kitty lovers?


  • Bark Gasol 😉 

  • Just because I love the Beatles, I always thought it would be fun to have a Ringo, Lennon, McCartney or Harrison. Or a Jude, Elenor, etc from their songs 

  • Wharton 

    Jerry (after the sno cones)

    Z boo 

    Tony meowlen 

    if you adopted a brother and sister – grit and grind :)


  • Mr Wiggles

  • How about "Mr Barkley" or I've always wanted to have two pugs & name them "Willie & Waylon"! 

  • Thank goodness I keep a running name of cat names in the note section of my phone at all times

    Cat Names for the Dreamers:

    Lucy Furr

    Hilary Kitten

    Fish Sticks

    Cat Benetar

    Kitty Con Queso

    Feline Dion




  • Oscar! I love this name! Great for a male dog or kitty,


  • Here are some name for male anmals: Ajax, Homer,Sparticus,Sebastian,Finn, Uno, Poseidon!

    For females: Layla,Chloe,Delilah, Happy,Belle,Isis,Hera,Gia!

    Tweedledee and Tweedledum for male and female cats or dogs! 

  • Feisty, fuzzbutt, dreamer, peeker, sheriff

  • John wright

    Pickles for the puppy.
    Tweezer for the cat

  • Luna for a cat.

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