Choose Your Own (Wine) Adventure at Greencork: Part One

September 25, 2013 5:38 pm3 commentsViews: 177

I went to Greencork on Saturday night, one week after their Cooper Young Fest soft opening. Here I'll talk about their wine offerings. Stay tuned next week for Part Two about the food.

Greencork Wine Card

We were greeted at the counter by hosts, who offered to show us around since we'd never been there. In addition to plenty of tables, there's also a fireplace with a few chairs and some couches. At the back is a bar where they're serving high gravity beers while they wait for their beer license. 

How The Wine Works

1. Purchase a Greencork card, which you keep forever and reload as needed whenever you come in. 

2. Pick one of the four wine dispensers and put your card in the slot. While the card's still in there, you select your wine and your pour size, either 2, 4, or 6 ounces. 

3. Push the button, wine comes out, and you take your card. Repeat as necessary. Cheers.

The cost of the pour varies depending on the wine (starting at $2-$3.75 for the 2 ounce pours). We figured that per glass it was about the same price as most places unless you got all the least/most expensive wines. There seemed to be one or two options of most major varietals. 

Any sommeliers out there want to comment on the quality/variety of the wine offerings?

Greencork in Cooper Young is open Tuesday through Thursday from 4 p.m.-10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 4 p.m.-11 p.m. Greencork is only for folks ages 21 and up, and it's ADA accessible. 

Go there:

2156 Young Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
(901) 207-5281


  • Wine Adventure: the best kind of adventure.

  • I went last night for the first time. THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! What a fun place and it has a great atmosphere. Kudos to the brainchild who thought of this. Now we need one out East!!!!

  • Love this place!!! It's like a wine tasting in my own backyard!! Midtown is Memphis #38104 #eatlocal

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