Drink This: Ginger Tea from Otherlands Coffee Bar

February 19, 2013 2:09 pm0 commentsViews: 111

Like a lot of people, I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Not quite all the way sick, but enough that I feel like I need a preemptive strike of some kind. This is where the ginger tea from Otherlands comes in.

The ginger tea from Otherlands might not be able to cure or prevent the common cold, but it certainly doesn't hurt.


It comes two ways, sweet or unsweet, and unless you're hardcore, I recommend the sweet. Making it sweet means that they add a shot of vanilla syrup, which serves to make the tea taste less like a root and more like something you'd enjoy drinking.

Even with the syrup, the tea is still spicy, and it burns after you swallow in that perfect way that a neat sip of quality bourbon burns. Unlike bourbon, though, ginger is said to aid in digestion and ease upset stomachs. It also feels pretty great to drink it when you've got a sore throat.

Go there:

Otherlands Coffee Bar

641 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 278-4994

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