100 Things to Eat in Memphis (2012 edition)

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Ed. Note: This is the 2012 edition of "100 Things to Eat in Memphis". Some restaurants may have changed their menu since then, so please keep that in mind. If you want to see the 2013 list, click here. 

You know that "100 Things to Eat Before You Die" survey that's been making the rounds lately? There's now a Memphis-centric version.

The Memphis Yelp community has made a list of 100 Things to Eat in Memphis, a list of the most extreme, most well-known and best local dishes.

How many of these have you tried?

1. Tuna sandwich from Chinese Sub Shop
2. BBQ plate from Germantown Commissary
3. Fried chicken breast from Gus's
4. Soul Burger from Earnestine and Hazel's

Soul Burger, Earnestine and Hazel's, Memphis, Tenn.

5. Peach cheesecake from Cheesecake Corner
6. Chorizo tortuga from Las Tortugas
7. Sea bass at Tsunami
8. Ribeye from Folk's Folly
9. John Deere snow cone from Jerry's
10. Joyce roll from Sakura
11. Dry rub ribs from Bar-B-Que Shop
12. San Diegan from Brother Juniper's
13. Guacamole from Las Delicias
14. Homeroom Chicken and Grids from Lunchbox Eats
15. Red velvet donuts from Gibson's
16. Greek burger from Alex's Tavern
17. Gas station sushi
18. Uptown burger from Roxie's Grocery

Burger, Roxie's Grocery, Memphis, Tenn.

19. Muffaletta from Kwik Chek
20. Gyro from Castle
21. Key Lime Pie ice cream from La Michoacana
22. Twice-baked potato salad from One and Only BBQ
23. Cheesesteak from Yang's
24. Shrimp and grits from Sweet Grass
25. Buffalo tenderloin from Erling Jensen
26. Barbecue pizza from Coletta's
27. Cornish game hen from Cozy Corner
28. Grilled cabbage from Deja Vu
29. Bulgogi from Du Won Jong
30. Roast duck from New Asia
31. Rib tips from Tom's Barbecue
32. Capote cupcake from Muddy's Bakeshop
33. Barbecue tofu nachos from R.P. Tracks
34. Chips (aka fries) from Brass Door Tavern

Brass door fries, Memphis, Tenn.

35. Ravioli from Vanelli's Deli
36. Mac'n'cheese from Mollie Fontaine Lounge
37. Voodoo Chocolate Passion Cake at King's Palace
38. Banana pudding from Cozy Corner
39. Turkey leg from a vendor outside of a Melrose High football game
40. Salmon cakes from Elegant Farmer

Cornish Game Hen, Cozy Corner, Memphis, Tenn.

41. Almond croissants from Off the Square Catering
42. Crazy noodle bowl from Bhan Thai
43. Banana pudding from Germantown Commissary
44. Tiger Bleu Chips from Brookhaven Pub
45. Barbecue nachos from Central BBQ
46. Blueberry donuts from Gibson's
47. Hot wings from Ching's
48. Pimento cheese stuffed okra from Restaurant Iris (this item no longer available)
49. Shrimp salad from Bogie's
50. Chilean sea bass from McEwan's
51. Wedding cake supreme snow cone from Jerry's

52. Hummus and falafel from Casablanca
53. Chicken salad sandwich from Young Ave. Deli
54. French fries / sweet potato fries from Young Ave. Deli
55. Pineapple shake from Shanghai
56. Coconut cake from Beauty Shop
57. Spicy crab soup from Ryu
58. Goat taco from La Guadalupana
59. Turkey and dressing from the Four Way
60. Reuben from Trolley Stop Market
61. Thai Gumbo from Tao
62. Honey gold wings from All-Star
63. BLT from Links of Galloway
64. Pan-fried dumplings from Panda Garden
65. Hot wing rolls from Blue Monkey
66. Barbecue pizza from Pete and Sam's
67. Mussels from Bari
68. Ribs from A&R Barbecue
69. Salsa Tayde from Las Tortugas
70. Baklava from Cafe Med
71. Pickled green tomatoes from Soul Fish
72. Vegan Memphis barbecue sandwich from Imagine Vegan Cafe
73. Lentil tacos from Fuel Food Truck
74. Brussels sprouts from South of Beale
75. Bi Bim Bop from Kwik Check

Bi Bim Bop, Kwik Check, Memphis, Tenn.

76. Ribs from Central Barbecue
77. Wings from Molly's La Casita
78. Burger from Huey's
79. Cheese grits from Republic Coffee
80. Homemade chips from Pop's Deli
81. Nachos from Interstate Barbecue
82. Steak sandwich from Jack Pirtle's
83. Pork chop sandwich from Tom's BBQ
84. Stone Hero hoagie from Skunx Chef's Pub
85. Meat-stuffed pizza at Little Italy
86. Chocolate milkshake from Wiles-Smith
87. Breakfast sampler from Bryant's
88. Crab eggs benedict from Sweet Grass
89. All-in-one from Las Delicias
90. Pronto Pup
91. Lobster roll from Slider Inn

Lobster Roll, Slider Inn, Memphis, Tenn.

92. Nuts and chocolate from Peanut Shoppe
93. Lunch buffet from Pho Hoa Binh
94. Self-serve frozen yogurt from Yolo
95. Dirty Fries from Revival Food Truck
96. Island Club from Bardog Tavern
97. Lobster pronto pup from Rizzo's Diner
98. Monte Cristo from Half Shell
99. High tea from Chez Philippe
100. Chili pineapple paleta from La Michoacana

I've tried 47 of the items on the list, which is slightly disappointing given how much I eat / write about eating.

Is there anything that should be added? Add them in the comments or to the discussion on Yelp.


  • Mempho sandwich- Patrick's
    Chicken Pot Pie- Patrick's (Thursdays only)
    Fried Oysters – Flying Fish

  • Renee Dichtel

    Chesses dip and Panchos dressing from Panchos Mexican Restrants

  • Hamburger steak and sides from Bryant's and the absolute best hamburger in town at the Brooks

  • Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp – Cafe Ole

  • I know that Jerry's Wedding cake supreme gets all the buzz but you have to try a blackberry-raspberry cheesecake supreme! Sooooo much better than the wedding cake! 

  • i think they are forgetting the barbeque from the rendevous!

  • Chelsea Barnett

    Rendevouz BBQ is the best. Spaghetti Warehouse is located near Memphis and is also very yummy.

  • Chelsea, there is a Spaghetti Warehouse downtown…I think they were trying to stay away from chain restaurants.  I'm surprised that Yolo is on here, Rendezvous and Blues City aren't…and Jerry's is on here twice.

  • Really?   WTH is VEGAN BBQ?  I would be ashamed. what about  SHOWBOAT BBQ? the best!  and Corky's. And Rendezvous ribs and cheese plates? OMG!!   Paulette's K- pie?  and  Paulette's coquille St Jacques? Paulette's anything…who are you people? Some new-age-pukka-bead-wearing hippies? However, Coletta's BBQ pizza is  a true champ in the food lineup in MFS. we used to go there on dates in the early 70's just for the BBQ pizza!  ditto for Pancho's cheese dip. Probaly no cheese in there anyway…Chain establishments do not count…

  • oh yeah..first date with hubby at the old half shell, over french dip and oysters on the half. I knew he was the guy for me. A foodie!

  • Crawfish etouffee from Bayou, sausage plate from Corky's, and cheesefries from Hueys

  • Honey-dipped fried chicken at Uncle Lou's. Hollah!!!

    Uncle Lou's chicken!! I can't believe it's not on this list. It's amazing. They were also on Triple D! Sweet and spicy love sauce baby! 
    Proud that central BBQ made the list twice!

  • teresa: vegan bbq sandwich is like a regular bbq sandwich, but made with vegan ingredients. EVERYTHING at Imagine Vegan Cafe is delicious! Non- vegans love it just as much as vegans!

  • The BBQ pizza from either Garibaldi's or Coletta's 

  • Rendezvous Ribs, Marlowe's BBQ, Corky's BBQ, Blues City Cafe Ribs and BBQ, Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti and Lasagna, and Coletta's just to name a few. Thanks! :)

  • Thai Tom yum soup and Thai Tom khai Kai soup at Tycoon Noodle Shop on Kirby. They have the BEST Tom yum soup ever! Not a fancy place but cheap and delicious!! 


  • Chicken wings from China Wok—-better than even Gus'

    Cheesecake from Guadelapana on Austin Pea—best in the world.

    Hurricane Roll from Sea Bistro



  • Sunday Brunch at Cafe Fontana

  • King Creole Salmon from Buckley's with the Buckley Bud!!!! and pretty much anything else from Buckley's

  • How can you not have Dyer’s on the list? Everything is good there! Or Ernestine and Hazel’s? And whoever says that vegan bbq is just like regular bbq…hahaha…um no.

  • Earnestine and Hazel’s is #4 on the list.

  • Honey Gold or Seasoned Wings from Bosses. I didn't like chicken wings until I went there.

  • Marcia Summers

    Muddy's cupcakes!

  • bbq chicken pizza from memphis pizza cafe! 

  • Love this list!  I've been working my way through it for a couple of weeks now.  It's fun always having somewhere new to try–with delicious food, to boot.  Here are some of the additions I've made to my personal list already…

    101. gator tators and creme brulatte from Cafe Eclectic

    102. blackened chicken pasta from King's Palace Cafe

    103. bar popcorn from South of Beale

    104. pork chop from The Majestic

    105. B.E.L.T. from Brass Door Inn

    106. mussels from Bar DKDC

    107. Sam I Am from Young Ave. Deli


  • The Warm Blondie Brownie from Local! Any dessert with bacon should be on everyone's Must Try list!

  • Rendavvouz anything come on this is Memphis — http://Tkborman@yahoo.com

  • This is awesome. I’ve only been in town since the end of February and we’ve already hit nine of the places on the list, but I’ll have to go back to try some of the recommended dishes now.

    I printed this out to hang on my fridge for idea when the wife and I want to go out.

    Can’t wait to see the next list!!

  • omg the tahini and/or Spicy cashew seaweed salad from Get Fresh Memphis is TO DIE 4!!!  Call Holly and/or Nevada and ask for a sample…www.getfreshmemphis.com  They are super healthy, super nice and they cook out of First Congo Church specializing in really yummy Vegan and vegetarian food on the go. 

  • No catfish???  Really??

    How about a catfish sandwich from Best Wings in Memphis.  They give you enough catfish for at least 2 sandwiches and it's GREAT.  Oh and the wings are good to – honey hot is what I like.

  • Right now, I'm really wishing these items were downloadable.

  • Everything Pizza from Pietro Pizza hwy 70 between Apling & Mfs Arlington

  • My husband grew up in Memphis and has the following suggestions: pulled pork from Corky's, dry ribs from Rendezvous, cheese dip from Poncho's, hamburger from Dyers. We actually get Corky's barbecue sent to us in dry ice from Memphis to Utah through FedEx. 

  • The potato salad from one and only is actualy ST CLAIRS, an old Memphis restaurant.

    How can Central BBQ smoked turkeu be left off?

  • I would have to say an Omlet from Stone Soup and anything from Second Line is delicious!


  • Carolyn mullinax


  • god i miss memphis!!!

  • How did you forget SideStreet Grill. They hav awesome food. Shld hav definitely made the list.

  • In no particular order:
    Biscuits and Gravy-Jack Pirtles
    Burger- Jim and Samella's House (In South Memphis)
    Butterroll- Melanie's

    The Buffet at Chow Time
    The Opulence- Crepe Maker
    Shoulder Sandwich-Big Bill's
    Patrick's-Pork Chop and Fried Eggplant
    Maui Wowie- Mellow Mushroom Pizza

    Lemon Bar- La Baguette
    Goey Butter Cake Cupcake-Frost's Bakery
    Honey Gold Wings- Crumpy's
    Hot Wings- D'Bos Wings and Things
    Burger- Double J

    I am fat, so I could go on naming good places to eat for hours!

  • Bread pudding from Iris

  • Deanna Johnson

    Banana Cream Pie at McEwens

  • Hanburger from Broadway Pizza. BEST IN TOWN

  • Crayfish and dumplings at Felisha Suzannes is the best dish I've had in my 78 years.

  • jeanetta glass

    Broadway pizza

  • How can Andrew Michael's AM Breakfast not be on the list? Or H&H pizza of some sort (Shroom or Redeye?!?)???

  • Victor Hassell

    Hamburger from Kudzu's – a little bar 'n' grill around the corner from SunStudio

  • I was dreaming about Las Delicias quacamole last night!!!


  • I think that mr paos hot and sour soup from mosa is a real Memphis treat. We have lived lots of other places and my husband is Chinese and it is the best that we've had. 



  • Memphis pizza cafe!!

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