Random Cupcake Naming Opportunity of the Week

April 4, 2012 4:02 pm75 commentsViews: 32

Cocoa Van, a local cupcake delivery service, is all grown up. Owner Nicole Reed has temporarily given up her van to open up a brand new, standing bakery in Cordova where she sells her homemade cupcakes.

When I stopped by today, she gave me a cupcake and a problem to solve.

First, the cupcake:

Cocoa Van Cupcake, Memphis Tenn.

It's a super moist chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream icing, a chocolate ganache drizzle and salted peanuts on top. The problem? It has no name.

That's where you come in. We need to name this cupcake. It's too tasty not to be ordered by name. It's too perfect to be written on a menu board as "chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream icing, etc."

We've got until noon tomorrow (April 5) to come up with a name for it. Leave your suggestions in the comments, and we'll pick a winner tomorrow. The winner (who will be chosen by me in the method of my choosing) will win four cupcakes from Cocoa Van.

***We have a winner***

Congratulations to OJ, who suggested that the cupcake be named the "Z-Bo" after the Grizzlies' forward. Here's why:

"Dark exterior, but sweet and smooth finish. Jams a lot of flavor in an undersized package. With a little help from the nuts (Tony Allen) on top."

Well played, OJ, well played.


Go there:

Cocoa Van Cupcakes

7990 Trinity Rd.
Cordova, TN 38018
(901) 308-1536



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