Grawemeyer’s Brings Pastries, Potatoes and More to South Main

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I was pretty excited when I found out that there was going to be a new deli and bakery opening in South Main that would serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The wait is over – Grawemeyer's opened a few weeks ago in the space between Everleah's and WEVL.

Somehow, I had gotten it in my head that Grawemeyer's was going to be a cozy bar / coffee shop kind of space, the kind with couches and wifi where you could park it for a while. Now that's it's open, Grawemeyer's doesn't quite match what was in my head, but it's a little bit better.

Inside Grawemeyer's, Memphis, Tenn.

The space is huge – way bigger than it looks from the outside. There are two dining rooms, a long bar and a few tables outside. Don't let the white tablecloths and old school jazz soundtrack fool you – while Grawemeyer's is classy, it's not pretentious (or expensive).

For lunch, I ordered the Grand Central Station Baker ($7.95), a jumbo baked potato (i.e. two potatoes smashed together) loaded with my choice of toppings – shredded cheese, butter, sour cream and steamed, chopped deli turkey ($2 extra).

Grawemeyer's Baked potato, Memphis, Tenn.

It might be one of my new go-to lunch standards. It's cheap (even with the extra meat), there's a ton of it, and it's very good. Imagine a turkey melt you've ever had, only with a potato instead of bread, and you've got the idea.

Most of the menu's salads, potatoes and entrees come with an pair of butter rolls and some housemade honey butter. Since Grawemeyer's is part bakery, I expected the rolls to be chewy and delicious, but the honey butter blew my mind. I'd like to take home a jar of it and eat it on English muffins or toast or a large spoon.

Butter rolls, Grawemeyer's, Memphis, Tenn.

I was so full after lunch that I wound up chickening out on dessert and taking a piece of chess pie (today's special) home with me for later.

Grawemeyer's is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7 a.m. until about midnight. Since they just opened, the menu isn't quite finalized, but I'm excited to go back and see what dishes they settle on.They've also applied for a beer permit, so you'll be able to drink there soon. They accept all major credit cards and seem to be fairly kid-friendly.

Go there:


520 S. Main
Memphis, TN 38103


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