Best Wings in Memphis Bracket, Round 2: Ching’s vs. Bosses

April 5, 2012 2:50 pm75 commentsViews: 320

The field has been narrowed and it's time for the second round of the Best Hot Wings in Memphis brackets.

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In the first round, Bosses handily beat Central Barbecue and Ching's Wings had an overwhelming victory against All-Star Hot Wings. They'll go tray to tray in this round.

Here's how it's going to work: I ordered the exact same thing at both Ching's and Bosses – 10 party wings (the small ones), medium hot, with fries. I brought both orders home and ate them side by side for a more accurate comparison. They'll be judged on their texture, the sauce / heat and the fries (because why not?).

Meet the Contenders:


5030 Poplar Avenue  
Memphis, TN 38117


Ching's Wings

1264 Getwell Road,
Memphis, TN

(901) 743-5545

That's Bosses on the left and Ching's on the right.

Wings, Round 2, Memphis, Tenn.


Both sets of wings were almost the exact same size, so it's tough to say which wings were meatier. The wings from Ching's were the crispier of the two and the texture was more consistent. Bosses wings were meaty, but not nearly as crunchy on the outside.

Sauce / Heat:

Bosses' wings come in a full range of strengths (from honey to "pure hotness"), so I ordered the medium. They had plenty of sauce without being soggy. The heat was more of a slow burn kind of heat – on initial contact, there wasn't much spice, but they stung a little on the way down. They're a kinder, gentler kind of medium hot.

Bosses' Wings, Memphis, Tenn.

Ching's wings were sopping wet with sauce – there was enough hanging out in the bottom of the styrofoam try to use as a dipping sauce for the celery and the roll. The heat was as forward as a bad pick up line – they had a nice hot lip-tingling quality.

Ching's Wings, Memphis, Tenn.


Both sets of wings came with seasoned fries, so I figure that it's only fair to judge those, too. The fries were equal in size, cut and crispiness, but the seasonings were totally different. Bosses' fries were seasoned with what tasted like Lowery's seasoning salt and a little tiny pinch of sugar and Ching's fries were seasoned with the same rub that they use on their dry rub wings.

The winner:

That's up to you. Leave a comment with your vote below and I'll tally them up at 5 p.m. on April 6th, 2012. Whichever wings have the most votes will move on to face the winner of the Alex's / Crumpy's match up.

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