Quick, Tasty, and Cheap: Elliott’s is All Three

December 15, 2011 4:29 pm7 commentsViews: 113

It's been said that there are three basic elements to things, and that you can only have two at any given time: good quality, low price and provided quickly.

Elliott's Memphis, Tenn.

Elliott's is the rare place that can deliver all three. All of the sandwiches and wraps are less than $10 (and many are closer to $5).

The sandwiches are way tastier than the price would suggest. My hot turkey sandwich came piled with smoked turkey and melted cheese on a flaky (but soft) hoagie roll. I added some tomato and pickles from the salad bar, but it would have been just as good plain.

Turkey Sandwich from Elliott's, Memphis, Tenn.

If sandwiches and wraps aren't your thing, Elliott's also has a build-your-own baked potato bar (aka, the salad bar), soup and chili and burgers.

The whole process is quick, too – you place your order at the counter and wait while the kitchen makes it. The process takes less than five minutes, which makes it perfect for people who have a lot of places to see and things to do.

Elliot's is open for breakfast and lunch, and they take cash and credit cards. It's totally kid-friendly and very casual.

Go there:


South 2nd Street
Memphis, TN 38103-2613
(901) 525-4895


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  • Why you would order a turkey sandwich here I have no idea. There are so many awesome sandwiches to be had! The firecracker & santa fe are my faves. The gyros and burgers are also awesome. Once Harry gets to know you, he will send out little treats from time to time, like baklava. Elliott's is the best.

  • Also, Harry is the inventor of all those great sandwiches at Kwik Chek in midtown, so you know these are good.

  • Eh, I just kind of wanted a turkey sandwich that day. I’ll definitely be back for the Santa Fe wrap – I’ve had a ton of people tell me that it’s awesome.

  • it's worth ordering a gyro just hear the nice lady at the counter holler "GY-RO."

  • GY-ROOO!!!
    Definitely worth it :).
    They deliver downtown, which is dangerous. I work immediately behind the place, and we eat there ALL THE TIME. I like the ham sandwich with cheddar, and the regular strips. The burgers are a bit thick for me, I prefer A&R's burgers.

  • A big thing to note is that they aren't open on weekends and they close around 2 or 2:30p. It's definitely a place to try when you're downtown during the middle of the week, otherwise you're out of luck!!

  • There are much better places in Memphis, IMO. 

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