There’s Amazing Sushi Hiding in the Suburbs (And You’ll Find it at Sakura)

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It seems like every time I post about Japanese food, someone mentions that I need to try Sakura in Germantown. You love that place, and you've made a believer out of me.

Inside Sakura, Memphis, Tenn.

When I checked in at Sakura on FourSquare a few nights ago, I got at least 10 replies recommending different things to try. The most commonly recommended menu item was the Joyce Roll, a deep-fried sushi roll with crawfish, shrimp, avocado and some kind of sauce. Alas, sometimes I get so excited about eating that I forget to check Twitter first, so I missed out on the Joyce roll.

I'm still kind of kicking myself for not checking Twitter, though, as Sakura's sushi menu is kind of huge. There are a ton of specialty rolls with funny names (like the Spicy Girl ! roll, the Sexy Lady roll and the Bubba roll).

I tried the shell crab roll (soft shell crab, snow crab, avocado, fish eggs and lettuce) and the Naruto (crawfish, snow crab, crabstick and avocado wrapped in cucumber).

Sushi from Sakura, Memphis, Tenn.

The soft shell crab roll was huge (and had tentacles), but it was very fresh. The sesame seed sauce added flavor and kept the roll from being just a huge log of crabmeat and rice. I would definitely order the Naturo roll again. The combination of crawfish and crab gave it a nice spicy / sweet flavor, and I loved the crunch of the cucumber wrap.

Sakura isn't just about sushi, though – the restaurant has a full Japanese menu with tempura, soups and entrees. I started with the crabstick tempura and a bowl of seafood soup.

Crabstick Tempura from Sakura

The tempura was delicious, all warm and crunchy. The portion was also generous – three pieces as opposed to the usual two pieces of other Japanese restaurants. The seafood soup was alright, but it seemed like a slightly dressed up version of Sakura's regular clear soup.

While Sakura is located in a strip mall in the older part of Germantown, it doesn't feel like it inside. The space is big, and they've got some serious mood lighting going on. It's the kind of place that would be just as appropriate for date night as a family dinner.

Sakura is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Most of the sushi rolls and entrees are between $8 and $15, and they do have a full bar.

Go there:


2060 West Street
Germantown, TN 38138

(901) 758-8181

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