Eat Well (and Eat a Lot) at Cordova’s All-You-Can Eat Sushi Buffet

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Sushi is good, but it’s got one inherent flaw: it’s nearly impossible to get full from eating it.

That is, unless  you’re at Eat Well Japanese buffet.

The huge Cordova buffet is perfect for sushi lovers, Asian food lovers and the adventurous. For $20, you can make as many trips to the giant buffet as you can handle. The classics (California rolls, fried rice, tempura vegetables) are there, but there’s a lot of opportunity to try the more exotic offerings (like kim chee, spicy squid, Thai seafood soup and raw fish of all kinds).

Plate no.1 at Eat Well Sushi, Memphis, Tenn.

Apparently, I can’t handle very many. I only made two trips through the line last night. On the first trip, I filled my plate with spring rolls, garlic mussels, the amazing (and not too spicy) wasabi mashed potatoes, a few pieces of sushi, raw salmon, hibachi vegetables and squid.

On the second trip, I tried the Thai seafood soup (complete with tentacles), cucumber salad, kim chee salad, spicy squid, gyoza and tempura green beans.

Eat Well Sushi - second plate

Most of the sushi that I had – especially what I tried from the raw bar – was surprisingly fresh. It’s not the best in town, but it’s better than you’ll find at the grocery store and the price is right. I would go back to Eat Well specifically for the hot bar (and because I want more of the soup).

Eat Well was much more sleek inside than I was expecting. Instead of the usual buffet bright lights and economized seating, the darkened dining room is lined with fish tanks, booths and private party rooms. It’s kid-friendly enough for a family dinner, but classy enough for a business lunch.

Eat Well hot buffet

Eat Well is open daily for lunch and dinner. The lunch buffet is about $15 for adults. At dinner, the price increases to $20 for adults (both meals include ice cream).

Go There:

Eat Well Sushi

2965 N Germantown Rd # 102
Memphis, TN 38133-4055
(901) 388-8178

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