There’s Something for Everyone at R.P. Tracks

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There’s a reason University of Memphis students swear by R.P. Tracks. It’s practically on campus, they’ve got pool tables, big TVs and a decent bar, and the menu is huge.

You can’t go wrong by starting with the chips and cheese appetizer. The salt and pepper coated tortilla chips are incredible. They give the cheese dip a nice little kick. It’s the perfect size for two people, or one person who wants to eat cheese dip for dinner (not that I know from personal experience).

Chips and Cheese from R.P. Tracks

Chips and Cheese from R.P. Tracks

R.P. Tracks is definitely vegan and vegetarian friendly. Plenty of their quesadillas, sandwiches and sides are meatless.

A slew of Memphians swear by Tracks’ barbecue tofu nachos, but I’m more of a jerk chicken kind of girl. Chips are piled high with black bean (or meat) chili, spicy chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapeno peppers and sour cream. One order of nachos is definitely big enough for two hungry people.

Jerk Chicken Nachos from R.P. Tracks

Jerk Chicken Nachos from R.P. Tracks

R.P. Tracks backs up to the train tracks that run along Southern Ave. When trains go by, the whole building shakes a little bit. (I’ve heard rumors that there are drink specials while trains go by, but I haven’t been able to confirm them.) The restaurant is also Project Greenfork certified, which means that it’s environmentally sustainable.

R.P. Tracks is open late daily, and they’ve got a decent wireless connection.

Go There:

R.P. Tracks

3547 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 327-1471

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  • And they just changed their menu recently. That added some items. Instead of book form their menu is now more like Young Ave. Deli’s (meaning it’s a laminated piece of paper with menu items on both sides.)

  • The BBQ tofu is my favorite thing on the menu – delicious!

  • Try the BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Gouda Quesadilla!! Incredible! I also love the black bean chili with rice. too many things to decide between really.

  • If you get the nachos, be sure to ask for the chips on the side.

    I know this might seem weird, but it makes them way easier to eat.

    And they won’t look at you weird. It’s a thing people do.

  • half price shooters when the train goes by – we loved this in college.

  • I can confirm the train shooters discount! It’s a dollar off Tracks shooters when the train goes by every day after 7pm. (Happy Hour lasts every day until 7pm, so there is always some kind of special happening!) We are more than just a college bar, having served up great food, drinks, and service to the Highland-Walker family and community for more than 20 years. I take great pride in working at an establishment so committed to sustaining and expanding such a loyal clientele base.

  • Weekend brunch is the best thing here

  • Tracks is NOT vegan-friendly. They fry their chips for the “vegan” nachos in the same fryer as their chicken. I asked the server for vegan nachos and was told I could have it without cheese and sour cream but it would not be vegan.

  • serving the best quesadillas in town :)

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