Believe the Hype About Fuego Maya’s (Closed)

February 11, 2010 10:26 am6 commentsViews: 17


  • DANG you have good taste!

  • Great food, friendly service, and the best salsa I have ever had.

  • Truly the best. I love Fuego Maya’s!

  • Their guacamole is also wonderful. They make up each individual order as it’s ordered, and it’s chunky with avocado and not too salty. I love their thin, crispy chips. Their fish tacos (sauteed, not breaded and fried) are very good, but very small, and they come with shredded lettuce rather than cabbage. (If you have a hearty appetite, order at least 3.)

  • Where did Fuego Mayo go? There is a for lease sign on their building

  • That’s a mystery. The last few times I tried to go there, they weren’t open, but I didn’t know they were closed for good until recently.

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