Little Tea Shop is Like Family (with cornbread sticks)

November 6, 2009 12:59 pm3 commentsViews: 59
Little Tea Shop, Memphis, Tenn.

Little Tea Shop, Memphis, Tenn.

Eating at the Little Tea Shop on Monroe in downtown Memphis is like eating at my grandma’s house ( and I mean that in the best way).

The Little Tea Shop is bigger than it seems like it should be, which is good because it’s packed to the gills with hungry downtowners at lunch. The menu isn’t long, but there are a lot of classic Southern choices (try the Lacy Special). There are also daily specials (yesterday, they had gumbo, pork tenderloin and vegetable soup).

Turnip greens, gumbo and rice from Little Tea Shop

Turnip greens, gumbo and rice from Little Tea Shop

The gumbo was really good, just spicy enough to have a little kick to it. I added some vinegar to the greens and they were perfect. I’m also a fan of their chicken (or tuna) salad stuffed avocados – they’re really yummy. All of the lunches come with a basket of cornbread sticks. Seriously, I’m getting all excited and hungry just writing about it.

The service at Little Tea shop is friendly and prompt. As I was paying my check ($8 before tip for lunch and a drink), the owner Su called me “baby” and “darling” and “sweetheart” at least a dozen times. This is the kind of place where waitresses remember your name and hug you when you leave.

Go There:

Little Tea Shop

Open for lunch Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

69 Monroe Ave
Memphis, TN 38103-2437

(901) 525-6000

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  • I ate there with my father not too long ago. The food was a fantastic sampling of southern cuisine. It’s just too bad I don’t work downtown.

  • Carbunkle Trumpet

    Suhair is downtown Memphis!

  • We just came back from Memphis and the Little Tea Shop was our trip closer stop. The food was fabulous – shrimp stuffed avocado and a side of greens, and corn sticks, of course – YUM! Our server, Bee Bee is an incredible lady. I’d love to have sat down with Bee Bee for an afternoon chat over a tall sweet tea. Excellent service, great home cooking and a homey, comfortable atmosphere.

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