I Came, I Rode, I Was Terrified.

September 9, 2009 2:17 pm1 commentViews: 127

There are two ways to get to Mud Island. The free option is to walk across the pedestrian bridge that goes across the Wolf River to the island. The $4 option is to ride the monorail, a train type thing that runs underneath the pedestrian bridge.

The only way to get a ticket stub for the monorail for your massive scavenger hunt is to ride the thing.

The Mud Island monorail isn’t exactly luxury travel, but it does get you from downtown Memphis to the Island fairly quickly. It also has big windows so passengers don’t miss the rather scenic view of the river.

On the quest to get this particular scavenger hunt item, I learned two things. One, the monorail is a very unique transportation option for Memphis. Two, I’m completely terrified of it.

Maybe it’s the heights, maybe it’s the fact that when two monorail cars pass, they pass closely, or it could be that I can be a bit of transportation control freak. Riding it kind of stressed me out.

But – don’t let my issues turn you off to the monorail. It’s completely safe – there’s never been a monorail crash at Mud Island, and it’s not likely that there will be one.

You should ride it at least once because it is kind of cool. Just know that the pedestrian bridge is there, too and you can always walk back.


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  • There is also the option of driving (or biking, running, skating, or skateboarding) over the Auction St. bridge or the access road at the far north tip of the “Island”. (it’s not really an island though. There is a tiny stretch of land that links it back to the “mainland” at the north tip.) There is some parking for the River Park but I can’t remember if it is free or not.

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